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Ultimate Moving Checklist – GJ McDonald Real Estate 

Without proper planning and preparation, moving day will be an absolute nightmare. Moving house isn’t the type of thing you can do over a weekend; it takes months of preparation if you want it to be a day of excitement rather than stress and tears.

To help guide you through this preparation Kent Removals and Storage have created a moving house checklist:


You Should Have Started!

It’s never too early to start preparation, the checklist instructs you to do the following with two months to go:

  • With so many moving companies it’s important that you do your research into what they provide and what they charge. You need to source out a few quotes to get the best value for money but you should never trust a quote that hasn’t been based on an in-home visit and a volume estimate.
  • Create an itemised list of expenses so you know exactly how much you’re spending. If you don’t keep a track on your expenses they can quickly get out of control so make sure you jot down every single cent as you work through the move
  • You need to go through your belongings and make sure that you’re only taking things you use and love. There’s no room for the inessential, it will cost you more money and it makes setting up your house far more difficult, so get rid of everything you can!
  • Decide now if you need storage and book it in. Storage spaces aren’t limitless and if you’re not organised you may miss out.


Don’t Just Pack, Pack for a Move

Packing for a move is about so much more than collecting all of your belongings and throwing them in the back of removal van or truck. You need to make sure all of your treasures have been packed to survive the journey and arrive at your new address intact:

  • Packing for a move means buying good quality materials instead of relying on old boxes and newspaper. You can rely on bubble wrap and new boxes to keep your treasures safe and that’s something worth investing in.
  • Make sure you find custom-made boxes for expensive electronics, such as flat-screen TVs.
  • Never overfill your boxes. One person should be able to lift each box. If you make them any heavier it puts to much stress on the bottom of the box and you risk having your valuables fall all over the floor.
  • Give boxes specific labels, such as ‘Saucepans’, rather than generic labels, like ‘Kitchen’, to make the un-pack easier.


Do a Little Every Day

Moving house is something you continue to chip away at, with two weeks to go you can start:

  • Communicating with your moving provider about important details such as arrival times and access points and ensuring that both parties are aware of the final moving plan
  • Contacting local authorities to ensure your move won’t be affected by lift, access, parking and traffic restrictions.
  • Calling utilities companies to organise a disconnect/reconnect service at both of your addresses
  • Taking your car to the mechanic for a service, especially if it has to drive long distances on the day of the move
  • If you have young children it’s a good idea to try and get a babysitter to look after them on moving day
  • Create a floor plan of your new address and ensure it includes clear instructions about furniture placement so your removal team can get your new home set up quickly and properly.

Keep moving through the list and you’ll be in prime position to enjoy a smooth, stress free moving day.